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About Us

PREMIT Remittance Service was developed to help ease the pain of delays, holidays, important events and much more on additional fees such banking fees.

Paypal to PREMIT Remittance Service

by following the 5 simple steps.

  • Enter The Amount you want to transfer with computation of the rate.
  • Enter your information most important the contact number.
  • Enter recipient information.
  • Review all information make sure all are correct.
  • Lastly the Payment which is the transfer method.

PREMIT Remittance Service will assure that the process well is secure as it is done using PayPal API. Which means it was following the exact concept in making money matters also ensures to provide's you the best experience in making money transfer!



You can now withdraw your money or even send it to any of your relatives in rush and important days due to some events like birthdays, bill dues and more...

Time Efficient

Unlike usual transfer that takes 2–5 days waiting for the money to come up on your bank account. PREMIT Remittance Service assure you can have it in maximum of 24 hours.


Usual happen once this period comes “no transaction process worst the delay”, with PREMIT Remittance Service you can transfer even in weekend.


Avoid lot of fees, such banking transaction and others. PREMIT Remittance Service only set a small changes called handling fee and its about 2% of your transferred money with common conversion fee of 4% PLUS flat fee for delivery which vary depends on distance of the recipient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common ask by some clients.

  • Click this link and just follow the 5 simple steps. Then your good to go.

  • Payment is only 2% of money transferred and was named as handling fee. 4% for conversion fee which also common in any money transfer plus fixed amount depend on the distance of the recipients.

  • Absolutely YES! WHY? because the transaction was done by PayPal API which means it was process along with the PayPal process including the data you entered.

  • You will be notified via email coming from PayPal for your receipt with all the information. Also, NOTE to have a print copy of it.

  • You will be notified via SMS or email informing that the amount was delivered or being picked-up.

  • First of all, Your money are safe with us. Recipient can still claim it covering for 1 week. Once they can't claim it, we will ensure a full refund with fees named “Chargebacks Fee” about 2.5% NOTE this is not ours it from PayPal Fees. But we assure a safe transaction inside Encash-It so don't think of loosing money. Because we did a various testing before we start the business.

PREMIT Remittance Service

New evolution of many transfer in the internet.

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